Entropy Piano Tuner  1.1.3 (documentation not yet complete)
An open-source experimental software for piano tuning by entropy minimization
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NentropyminimizerNamespace for all entropy minimizer components
 CAlgorithmBasic abstract class for any algorithm
 CAlgorithmFactoryThe AlgorithmFactory class is a template class to be created with the actual Algorithm
 CAlgorithmFactoryBaseCreate the desired Algorithm
 CAudioBaseAbstract base class for audio interfaces
 CAudioPlayerAdapterAbstract adapter class for PCM-based audio output drivers
 CAudioPlayerForQtThe AudioPlayerForQt class
 CAudioPlayerThreadForQtClass for the audio player thread
 CAudioRecorderAdapterAbstract adapter class for recording audio signals
 CAutoClosingMessageBoxDialog that will automatically close on a event (message)
 CAutoScaledToKeyboardGraphicsViewAn GraphicsViewAdaptorForQt keeping the same size as a KeyboardGraphicsView
 CCalculationAdapterAdapter for starting and stopping the calculation process
 CCalculationProgressGroupVisible QGroupBox to handle the calculation
 CCircularBufferTemplate class for a circular buffer
 CCoreCORE : Class managing the core
 CCoreInitialisationAdapterCore initialization adapter (singleton class)
 CDoNotShowAgainMessageBoxA MessageBox with a QCheckBox to remember the decision of the user
 CDrawerBaseAbstract base class for drawing 2d graphics
 CEditPianoSheetDialogDialog to edit the piano data sheet stored in a Piano
 CEnvelopeStructure describing the envelope (dynamics) of a sound
 CFFT_ImplementationThread-safe implementation of fftw3
 CFFTAdapterAbstract base class for handling fast Fourier transforms
 CFFTAnalyzerModule performing the final analysis of the Fourier transform
 CFFTDataData struct for a FFT
 CFileChangesCallbackThe ProjectManagerChangesInFileUpdatedCallback class
 CFileManagerAbstract singleton adapter for opening files
 CFileManagerForQtImplementation of the FileManager for Qt
 CFourierSpectrumGraphThe QGraphicsView to display the fourier spectrum
 CFourierSpectrumGraphDrawerThe FourierSpectrumGraphDrawer class
 CFullScreenKeyboardDialogDialog that displays a KeyboardGraphicsView in fullscreen
 CGraphicsItemClass for a single item in a graphics view
 CGraphicsItemForQtImplementation class for the GraphicsItem in Qt
 CGraphicsViewAdapterAbstract base class for implementations rendering graphics
 CGraphicsViewAdapterForQtImplementation of the GraphicsViewAdapter in Qt using QGraphicsView
 CKeyClass describing a single piano key
 CKeyboardClass describing the piano keyboard, holding a collection of keys
 CKeyboardGraphicsViewViewer for the keyboard
 CKeyRecognizerModule for fast recognition of the pressed key
 CKeyRecognizerCallbackCallback class for KeyRecognizer
 CLogForQtImplementation for the log in Qt
 CMainWindowThe main window
 CMessageThe Message class
 CMessageHandlerClass for handling and sending messages
 CMidiAdapterAdapter class for reading an externally connected MIDI keyboard
 CModeSelectorAdapterThe ModeSelectorAdapter class
 CNoMidiImplementationInactive Midi interface
 COverpullEstimatorClass for estimating the overpull needed in a pitch raise
 CPCMWriterInterfaceAbstract base class for sound-producing software components which transmit data to the AudioPlayerAdapter
 CPianoManagerThe PianoManager class
 CProjectManagerAdapterProject manager adapter class
 CProjectManagerForQtImplementation of the ProjectManagerAdapter in Qt
 CQtCoreInitialisationImplementation of the core initializ
 CRecorderLevelAdapter for displaying the recording level (VU meter)
 CRecordingManagerRecording manager
 CRecordingQualityBarQuality recording bar
 CRecordingStatusGraphicsViewThe QGraphicsView that will display the current recording status
 CRtMidiImplementationInterface for reading an externally connected MIDI keyboard
 CRunGuardClass for checking whether the application is already running
 CSettingsThe Settings class
 CSettingsForQtQt specific settings
 CSignalAnalyzerSignal analyzer: Fourier transformation of the recorded audio signal
 CSimpleThreadHandlerSimple thread handler
 CSoundGeneratorClass for managing the sound generation in the EPT
 CStroboscopeClass for a stroboscopic tuning indicator
 CStroboscopicViewAdapterForQtStroboscopic view adapter for Qt
 CSynthesizerSynthesizer class
 CTimerVersatile timer for the entropy tuner
 CToneStructure of a single tone
 CTunerApplicationThe main application singleton class
 CTuningCurveGraphThe QGraphicsView to display the tuning curve and the inharmonicity
 CTuningCurveGraphDrawerClass for drawing various tuning curves
 CTuningIndicatorDrawerDrawer for the tuning indicator
 CTuningIndicatorViewClass for the Qt implementation of the tuning indicator
 CVolumeControlLevelQProgressBar to display the current input level
 CWaveformGeneratorThe WaveformGenerator class