Entropy Piano Tuner  1.1.3 (documentation not yet complete)
An open-source experimental software for piano tuning by entropy minimization
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Christoph Wick and Haye Hinrichsen
Institute for Physics and Astronomy
University of Würzburg
97074 Würzburg, Germany
e-mail: info at piano-tuner.org

The Entropy-Piano-Tuner (EPT) is a free experimental software for piano tuning.

The source code of the EPT consists mainly of two parts, namely, the graphical user interface, which is implemented by using Qt, and a GUI-independent part called 'core'. The tuning algorithms and third-party components can be found in separate folders.

To download and compile the EPT source on your system please install the open-source version of Qt and the version management sytsem git. Then create a local clone of the source by typing

git clone https://gitlab.com/entropytuner/Entropy-Piano-Tuner.git

Alternatively you can also download the project without using git. Go to https://gitlab.com/entropytuner/Entropy-Piano-Tuner/tree/master and choose one of the download options in the upper right corner of the window.

More details can be found on our development web pages at http://develop.piano-tuner.org