Entropy Piano Tuner  1.1.3 (documentation not yet complete)
An open-source experimental software for piano tuning by entropy minimization
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fftadapter.h File Reference
#include <complex>
#include <vector>
#include <map>
#include <memory>
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struct  FFTData
 Data struct for a FFT. More...
class  FFTAdapter
 Abstract base class for handling fast Fourier transforms. More...


using FFTRealType = double
using FFTComplexType = std::complex< double >
using FFTRealVector = std::vector< FFTRealType >
using FFTComplexVector = std::vector< FFTComplexType >
using FFTWType = FFTRealType
 data type More...
using FFTWVector = std::vector< FFTWType >
 fftw array More...
typedef std::map< double, double > FFTPolygon
 Type for a frequency-to-intensity map for graphics. More...
using FFTDataPointer = std::shared_ptr< FFTData >
 Shared pointer of FFTData. More...

Typedef Documentation

using FFTComplexType = std::complex<double>

Definition at line 34 of file fftadapter.h.

using FFTComplexVector = std::vector<FFTComplexType>

Definition at line 36 of file fftadapter.h.

using FFTDataPointer = std::shared_ptr<FFTData>

Shared pointer of FFTData.

Type for a shared pointer with the FFT and its sampling rate delivered via finall-FFT message by the SignalAnalyzer.

Definition at line 86 of file fftadapter.h.

typedef std::map<double,double> FFTPolygon

Type for a frequency-to-intensity map for graphics.

Definition at line 45 of file fftadapter.h.

using FFTRealType = double

Definition at line 33 of file fftadapter.h.

using FFTRealVector = std::vector<FFTRealType>

Definition at line 35 of file fftadapter.h.

data type

Definition at line 41 of file fftadapter.h.

using FFTWVector = std::vector<FFTWType>

fftw array

Definition at line 43 of file fftadapter.h.